Welcome to our guide for getting started with Lunie.io. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be well on your way to participating in the new staking economy! 👋

This guide will explain how to set up an account and create a Cosmos address on Lunie.io with a Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X and the Cosmos Ledger App.

If you’d prefer to use our browser extension— check out our guide for getting started with the Lunie browser extension.

You can also download Lunie Mobile for iOS and Android.

Accounts on Lunie

Whether you’re in the Lunie browser extension, the Lunie mobile apps, or the Cosmos Ledger app — your account info always stays with you. This is known as non-custodial because we don’t custody your funds or your keys for you.

We don’t store your account data on our servers or in our database and so, you need to store your backup code somewhere safe. 🔒

On Lunie, Accounts are simply the name of your choosing (like a username) and a locally-encrypted password associated with your address.

If you lose access to your local accounts AND lose your backup code, there is nothing we can do to help you. ❤️

Buy a Ledger Nano S/X

First things first. You’ll need a Ledger Nano S/X. If you don’t have one, you can buy one using this link to support Lunie. If you do have one and it’s already set up, you can skip to the next section. If you have a Ledger and it’s not set up here is the official guide for how to go about it.

Lunie supports the Ledger Nano X as well — but only with the USB cable. Lunie does not support the Ledger Nano X’s bluetooth functionality yet.

Download Ledger Live and Install Cosmos Application

  1. Download and install the Ledger Live app
  2. Head over to the “Manager” section, found in the menu on the left of the app
  3. Follow the steps to connect your device
  4. Ensure your Ledger's firmware is up to date (v1.6.0 or up)
  5. When you see the "App catalog", search for "Cosmos"
  6. Install the Cosmos Ledger app by clicking "install" (v2.1.3 or up)

🎉 Now you’ve got the Cosmos Ledger app installed on your Ledger device! 🎉

To find out what your address is, head over to Lunie!

Head over to Lunie

  1. Visit https://lunie.io/ledger in a Chrome or Brave browser
  2. Sign in to your Ledger device and open the Cosmos Ledger app
  3. Select your device from the browser popup:
  1. Click the Sign In button — this will sign you in with the address you created when you installed the Cosmos Ledger app on your Ledger device.

After you have successfully signed in to Lunie with your Ledger Nano S/X, you’ll be able to see your address in the top left under the logo.

You can click the "Show on Ledger" button to verify that the address displayed in Lunie, is indeed the address on your Ledger device.

🎉 Now you have an address on Lunie you can use to start staking! 🎉

Sending Transactions:

Using Lunie and your Ledger device together is simple and easy once you’re setup with the instructions below. To send tokens, navigate to your portfolio page where you will see information about how many total tokens you have and how many rewards you have to claim. The amount available is the amount you are able to send at this moment.

Click the “Send” button and proceed to fill in the popup which asks you for the address you would like to send your tokens to as well as the amount of tokens you’d like to send.

If you have already unlocked your Ledger Nano device and entered the Cosmos app in this case, when you hit next you will be prompted to confirm the details of the transaction before it is sent.

Verifying A Transaction Before Sending

When your plugged in and unlocked Ledger device receives data from the Lunie app for signing, you will be prompted to review the transaction before it goes out. It’s definitely a good idea to make sure this information is correct each time you create a transaction.

The information will continue to scroll and show you the address you are sending from and to if applicable. To accept or reject the transaction, you must push both buttons on the Ledger device simultaneously and then use the individual buttons to scroll through the options for signing or rejecting. You’ll double click the two buttons once more to select your choice.

Staking Functionality With Your Ledger

Using your Ledger device to stake, un-stake or re-delegate is very similar to sending a transaction. To learn more about staking on Lunie, please refer to our in-depth guide on the Cosmos network.

The main staking transactions are:

  • Staking: Navigate to the validator page on the Lunie app, select a validator profile and simply click on the “Stake” button. Here you will be prompted to confirm the validator you’re staking to, from which balance/address you wish to stake from and the amount you wish to stake with them.
  • Unstaking: Click the “Unstake” button and choose the validator you with to un-stake from and the amount. Uniquely, you can choose to un-stake to your available balance of your address or you can re-delegate to a different validator address as well.

Once you have filled out the required fields, you would hit the next button to be prompted to verify the transaction just as you would with sending tokens.

Need More Help?

Lunie offers professional support and we’re glad to help answer your questions on how to use your Ledger device safely. Please reach out to support@lunie.io or drop into our Intercom messaging chat right from the app!

TheCosmos Ledger app was developed byJuan Leni. Credit for this app goes to him! 👏

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