During tax season, or any time of the year, people who have staked their crypto tokens may want to take a look back in time to see the full history of their transactions. This may be to get information about things like rewards claiming, sending and receiving crypto tokens and more.

Lunie currently offers an easy to understand transaction activity view on web, iOS and Android However, the actual blockchains we retrieve data from, lose their transaction history when the blockchain goes through an upgrade process.This results in our activity page displaying data for the current version of the blockchain only (eg. Cosmos Hub 3), while data for previous chains (eg. Cosmos Hub 1 and 2) are not displayed any longer. When a chain upgrades, your balance and any existing staking you’ve done stays the same, but the transaction level data becomes unavailable.

We do understand why this sort of data access is important for stakers and we will be building a tool for users to search their staking account history across chain upgrades. 

The Short Term Solution

In the short term, if you need to see historical account data you can use a block explorer like The Big Dipper. Cosmos is currently on cosmoshub-3,  with cosmoshub-2 and cosmoshub-1 able to be found on The Big Dipper block explorer as well. 

You can toggle between the multiple networks in the upper left hand corner as shown below:

If you have any questions about how to retrieve this data for your own purposes, please send us a message including the type of information you are trying to retrieve and the address associated with it and we will get back to you with some ideas on how to do that.

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