We are in exciting times here at Lunie as we have begun implementing additional mainnet blockchain networks into our platform. While these networks share similarities in that they are all Proof of Stake based, there are nuances on every platform that users will need to be aware of when switching between them.

With Lunie Browser Extension and Web App

When using the Lunie Browser Extension, you are able to create accounts associated with whatever specific networks you wish to use on Lunie. You should keep track of all of them with their respective 24-word backup codes. It is recommended to record your backup code on paper or in encrypted files with associated information about which network and which address it is associated with. 

After you create your address for a specific network on Lunie, the address should be saved within the browser extension along with any other address/network pairs you created. 

You can navigate directly to the network you want to use on the web app or you can choose the specific address/network you want to use in the browser extension which will also bring you right into the web app view within the network you selected. 

With Lunie Mobile Apps (iOS/Android)

With each account/network pair you have activated on your mobile Lunie app, you can click that account to switch networks. 

If you click on a network that you have no yet created an address for, you will see the following screen prompt you to create a new address or import an existing address to access that network. 

With The Ledger Nano Hardware Wallets

Currently, each active blockchain network on Lunie is Cosmos-based. In this case, each active network will be accessible to use with the Cosmos app installed on the Ledger Nano device. All you need to do is click on the network you want to access and your address associated with your Ledger device will be displayed. As Lunie created additional blockchain integrations with totally different blockchain architectures, we will continue to allow users to have a cohesive experience managing every staking account from within one interface.

If you experience any unexpected behavior switching networks, please send us a message on our Intercom chat or email us at support@lunie.io with details and screenshots and we’ll get back to you right away. 

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