Did you know that you can use Lunie with your Kusama address without even needing to create an account or restore your seed phrase? Lunie offers explore-mode for any user who wants to explore the full range of Lunie functionality from a read-only mode. If you have not had a chance to use Lunie with your Kusama account, take us for a spin using just your address and see what we have to offer!

A core feature of Lunie is explore mode with any network that we integrate with. For this example we will look just at Kusama, but any network that Lunie supports now or in the future will also have explore mode that functions in the same way.

An added bonus is that explore mode works in any browser! Normally to use Lunie with the Lunie Browser Extension or Ledger hardware wallets you must use either Chrome or Brave to achieve full functionality, but the explore-mode simply works in-browser regardless of which one you use.

Jump In With Any Kusama Address

First, navigate to the Kusama network on Lunie using the networks icons on the sidebar or by clicking here. You will be prompted to select a method of accessing Lunie, and in the case of Kusama, your options are the browser extension or explore-mode.

Once you click on “Explore with any address” you’ll need to input a Kusama address in the field to proceed.

Browse Around The Lunie Experience

Now you’re in! Once you reach the portfolio page of the address you are exploring, whether its yours or anyone else, you can access any functionality enabled within that specific network. In Kusama, governance and activity views will be enabled at a later date as we are continuing to develop the Kusama and Polkadot integrations according to our milestones in the Web3 Open Grants program.

The first page you’ll see is the Portfolio view. Here you can review the addresses total balance of KSM, the claimable KSM rewards balance from staking and the sending and the list of validators (if any) that the address you’re exploring has staked to.

The Enhanced Kusama Validator View

Lunie believes that validators are a critical stakeholder in every network we have integrated and we provide a detailed validator page for each individual validator. You can view these from explore-mode like you would see if you were logged in with the browser extension or Ledger hardware device.

Next Up - Creating Kusama Addresses with Lunie and Importing Your Private Keys From Polkadot-js

We think once you have given Lunie a spin in explore-mode you’ll find the experience so enchanting that you’ll want to use Lunie as your primary staking and governance (coming soon) interface. Coming up, we’ll offer a detailed guide on how you can create a fresh Kusama address using Lunie’s browser extension as well as import your private keys from Polkadot-js into Lunie in just a few easy clicks of a button.

Have questions about getting started with Kusama using Lunie? Want to know what’s next with Polkadot on our platform? Drop into our Telegram chat and say hello!

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