When can I send and receive Polkadot DOTs?

Transfers are being enabled at block number 1,205,128, approximately 18 Aug 16:40 UTC on the Polkadot network and sending will be enabled on Lunie shortly thereafter.

Why do DOTs on Lunie show up as “DOT (old)”?

Due to an on-chain vote the Polkadot community determined it would be best to redenominate the total amount of DOT. On August 21st the number of total DOT will be multiplied by 100x and subsequently the value of each individual DOT will be worth 100x less.

More details can be found on the official blog post here: https://medium.com/polkadot-network/the-first-polkadot-vote-1fc1b8bd357b

More details on how Lunie will implement these changes can be found on our blog as well:


How will the redenomination affect me?

Besides the total amount of DOTs you will hold and the dollar value of each Lunie will pause all transactions related to the Polkadot network on Lunie for about 5 hours on August 21st until the redenomination is complete.

How Do I Claim Rewards on Polkadot and Kusama?

Like the other networks on Lunie, you have an option to claim your rewards on Polkadot and Kusama. However, specifically related to the Polkadot and Kusama networks, your rewards balance may be automatically distributed to you by the validators you are staking with. This means that you may find your available rewards balance to be different each time you login without actually taking any action. Any rewards distributed with or without your action will be represented in your available balance and can be referenced on a block explorer such as https://polkascan.io/.

Can I use the same address for Polkadot and Kusama?

Polkadot and Kusama addresses are different. You can use the same backup code if you wish but it will result in different addresses on each network.

How To I Nominate If I Have Entered The Chill State?

If you have ceased nominating but left your funds bonded via the Chill state, you are able to re-nominate, or Re-stake by going directly to a validator's page and submit a 0 balance staking transaction. You will not be able to select the exact amount of funds nominated to any specific validator on Polkadot as it is determined by the network, however you can enter a validator in your set of nominators by using the 0 stake tx. To learn more about the Chill state, check out this Polkadot wiki article.

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