NOTE: If you use a Ledger hardware device to manage your keys and signing on Lunie, you do not need to backup anything from the Lunie extension. Your private keys and everything related to the Ledger are stored on the device. You should have already backed it up when you setup your device.

If you have created an address on any of the support networks on Lunie you would have received a seed phrase, otherwise known as a backup code or mnemonic when creating the account. As we’ve stated before, it’s incredibly important that you record and store this information in an ultra-safe manner. If you lose your backup information and lose access to your browser extension, you’ve lost your address and all your funds in it forever!

That being said, if you want to expose your seed phrase in case you want to double check you have it right you can now do that on Lunie.

  • Just open your browser extension and click the three dot dropdown button.
  • Click the Show Seed icon.
  • Enter your password to that specific address.
  • Then you will be shown your seed phrase which you can copy to your clipboard.

NOTE: If you created an account before Lunie implemented seed phrases you will be given your private key and not a seed phrase as seed phrases cannot be derived from your private key.

As always, make sure you never share your seed phrase with anyone! No real support person will ever ask you for this! Write it down on paper and store it somewhere safely!

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